Keep your money for your family  |  Attach a Your Family & Charity Codicil

  • Unless you correctly structure your will, your estate will have to pay unnecessary extra cash to SARS.
  • Using a simple four-page attachment to your will (Your Family & Charity [YFC] Codicil), your heirs can get up to 8% more and you benefit a charity of your choice!

No need to change the details in your will or discuss it with anyone

No Risk,
Heirs never receive less than they would have under your original will

100% legal,
Precedence per court judgement

Has been used in assessed estates

Information needed for/to produce a YFC Codicil
Full name - ID Number - Date of last will
- Charity you benefit - Your generosity ( 1 to 100 )

Cost and process
• R1 500 per individual or R2 500 for a married couple.
• At date of death 5% of the benefit heirs receive from codicil

John W Frith CA (SA)
PO Box 2440, Port Alfred, 6170
Tel: 046 624 9000 Cell: 083 378 3374 email:

*YFC Codocil is the intellectual property of John W Frith who is a Chartered
Accountant and was the executor that identified the extra paid by estates, winning
the Bloemfontein Appeal Court Judgement in 2000.